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ASSOCIATE (not available atm)

An Associate is going through Genie training. They are building their experience with lash extensions. They will apply lashes with precision. Associates are still working on perfecting style and building speed. 

JUNIOR (not available atm)

A Junior not only has lash styling experience but has been through Genie training. They are building knowledge with lash styles. Junior can apply lashes quicker than the up-and-coming Associate. 


Seniors have been flying around Lash Genie mastering their craft. They can apply lashes with their fairy-like hands and apply more lashes in the given time. At Lash Genie, we never count lashes. They know how to design, shape, and create a personal unique look. They have mastered the most up-to-date lash techniques. 


A Master Stylist is a Genie! They train and teach staff how to apply eyelash extensions. They are the most sought-after stylists in the spa, not only because of their very advanced education but because of their well-known reputation. Appointments are by request. 



Classic lashes are really what you think of when you think of eyelash extensions. They are the most popular type of eyelash extensions and they are known for creating a thick and full appearance. Classic lashes hold their perfect curve and create a perfect uniform look. With all the different types of lashes we carry at Lash Genie we are able to customize the look of your lashes to be exactly the way you want them! The possibilities are endless!


Volume lashes are for those who want a ton of volume added to their lashes. This is a newer approach to eyelash extensions and is commonly known as 2D & 3D Voluminous. With our Volume lash technique, we can attach 2-5 lashes to a single lash safely! Volume lashes truly give dimension, depth and beauty to your eyes. 


Mink Lashes are made from real hair and act alot like your own eyelashes. They are great for those who are wanting a very natural "Hollywood Style". Mink lashes look like an extension  of your own natural  lashes very soft and silky. They truly are stunning and will leave your friends guessing if your lashes are real or not. 

Prices vary by Lash Artist Level and type of Lash. 

Natural lashes are very popular and range from shorter lengths. This lashing technique can be applied with the extensions mimicking the lengths of your natural lashes. Typically, these lashes are shorter on the inner corner, with the longest length in the middle of the eye then tapering back down on the outer corner. These are perfect for just about anyone and any occasion. 

Cat Eye lashes create a more prominent outer corner. This look consists of putting shorter lashes in the inner corner and slowly tapering them to longer towards the outer corners. This can be a perfect look for a night on the town or typical day to day lashes. 

Dramatic lashes are typically longer in length and can sometimes be a thicker eyelash extension that is applied. This produces a more prominent look and is good for those wanting their lashes to stand out. These are perfect for special occasions, such as weddings!

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