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neuLASH® lash enhancing serum is trusted by millions to improve the weak appearance of their lashes in just 30 days. neuLASH® is the only serum for lashes that is formulated with Active Eyelash Technology®, which envelops your lashes in a proprietary blend of amino acids and bioengineered peptides to promote stronger, longer-looking lashes.


Moisture is key to reaching your lash goals. Sodium hyaluronate, known for its ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, saturates the lashes in hydration, boosting softness, elasticity and shine. Biotin, an essential B vitamin, fortifies lashes against further damage while panthenol moisturizes to improve lash flexibility and durability. Pumpkin seed extract nourishes the lashes and helps lashes look more luxurious than ever. Grounded in technology and perfected through our scientific approach to beauty, neuLASH® lash enhancing serum is a proven lash conditioner that has won awards and helped to enhance the life of many.


Apply nightly to the base of the upper eyelashes. Continue using neuLASH® to maintain the condition and appearance of your lashes. Once desired results are achieved, apply every other day.


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