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$2/minute during lash appointment

60 Minutes     $120

90 Minutes     $180

2 Hours           $240

CBD included in all massages

EFT Tapping

90 minutes             $200

EFT Expert,
Meditation Teacher
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Relaxation Massage

Settle in from your day with a relaxation massage. Using a combination of gentle stretching, movement, pressure and kneading Sara’s intuitive Swedish massage is something you’ll tell your friends about.

Deep Tissue

Sara's specialty massage. With over 5 years clinical experience in Chiropractic offices and over 20 years in private practice, Sara has mastered her approach to pressure. Whether it is neck and shoulders from sitting at your computer, lower back or sciatic pain, you will find relie

Sports Massage

Have a difficult time finding someone who can get in there the just the right way? Your long search is over. Whether you run to keep in shape or play an active sport, this massage will help flush lactic acid away and bring deeper relief to the tough spots. A good soak in the tub with Epsom salts or a rub down with Magnesium Oil is always useful after playing hard or getting a sports massage.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an expansion technique that lifts and separates the tissue, breaks up adhesions, promotes circulation, and in motion can be used for fascial release. Although soreness can occur, it pulls the pain out in most cases with little to no soreness the next day. There are a variety of ways cupping can be used for relief. Some temporary discoloration may occur.

Meridian Scraping Therapy -Gua Sha 

Meridian Scraping Therapy is a healing technique used in Asia by practitioners of Chinese medicine, in both the clinical setting and in the home. Information and application of this technique is growing in the United States particularly in the field of acupuncture. Meridian scraping therapy removes blood stagnation and pathogens and promotes circulation and metabolism. The client experiences immediate relief from pain, stiffness and other discomforts. Scraping therapy has proved to be valuable in the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic disorders. It is a non-invasive frictioning technique which is applied over lubricated skin on the affected area of the body. Tools often used are a ceramic spoon, jar lid or a Buffalo Horn plate to treat disease and facilitate optimal health. -Immediate relief from pain -Promotes blood circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system -Increases metabolism and nutrient absorption -Strengthens the immune system -Improves organ function -Stimulates cellular regeneration -Reduces symptoms of acute and chronic disorders -Re-balances emotions -Promotes clarity of mind *important- gua sha is not offered on your first visit*

Sara has a natural talent for helping her clientele achieve a new balance in life. She offers transformational life coaching, energy psychology techniques, and healing services. She specializes in the relief of long-term pain and emotionally difficult-to-fix issues. Her techniques include  Deep tissue massage, Relaxation, and Sports massage, Structural Evaluation, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Meridian Scraping Therapy (guasha). Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), Inner Child work, Empty Chair Technique, Meditation, Breathwork, Group Tapping Sessions and Transformational Life Coaching, Cognitive (CBT) and  Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) methods, including mindfulness and other energy psychology techniques. Further areas of study and interest include Voice Dialogue (sub-personalities) training,  Ancestral Liberation, and Birth Consciousness Clearing techniques.



In the 70s, my mother was a pioneer in energy psychology; she taught meditation and consciousness techniques to help her students reach their peak performance, best mind memory, and full potential. She brought students from F to A students in a few weeks' time. She taught me things like muscle and memory testing at the age of five and that my actions, thoughts, intentions, and how I use my brain matter. It is because of her I have the honor and opportunity to help mold the rapidly expanding consciousness movement today.

Aside from my mother’s influence, in my early years, I began exploring what was out there; 12-step programs and other fashionable self-help techniques. In my 20s I discovered more techniques such as Rebirthing, and Re-Evaluation Counseling, and studied psychology, biology, and theology in school. In 1996, I began my instruction as a massage therapist and later massage instructor, completing thousands of sessions over the years. In this journey, I learned that most people have some stress or emotional difficulty underlying their physical pain. The deeper the emotional upset, the more physical pain and the longer it took to help someone. I kept searching for something that could help on both levels; emotionally and physically.

In my 30s I became proficient with the use of another engaging technique known as Voice Dialogue, which served to take a look at the different parts of an individual’s sub-personalities. All of this experience and training was so useful in getting to know where the pain was hiding, but it didn’t quite get me there. As I entered my late 30s I was ready for the next level of self-healing, EFT. In 2005, began learning from the workshops provided by the original founder, Gary Craig. I led groups and taught classes, while also offering private sessions. As EFT developed over the years,  the new father of Clinical EFT and founder of EFT Universe, Dawson Church, became my mentor in training. As a deep emotional clean-up tool, EFT not only gave me a chance to heal myself thoroughly, quickly, and more effectively than any other modality I had tried, but it was possible to share this technique with others in an easy and accessible format. We are all a work-in-progress, and I still do my own work on a regular basis. Since discovering EFT, I have added to the mix with mediation, heart coherence, and breathwork. I find myself inspired to create meditations based on the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. It seems a full circle to the consciousness work my mother helped pioneer. Breathwork and guided mediations allow for the integration of the work in a peaceful manner rather than the rocky ride clients often incur with talk therapy and other techniques alone. We also explore how to access the important parts of the brain to make the work we do a more permanent relaxed state of being. I gain a deep and personal joy from the use of these energy modalities and uphold the most current certifications to maintain the highest standards.


A personal message from Sara:

There was a time I lived in pain-filled devastation as a result of a traumatic childhood. I later came to realize it was a divine gift; it guided me persistently and passionately in the fields of psychology, bodywork, energy psychology, and energy medicine. For almost 3 decades, I have explored every angle of the human experience I could get my hands on, leading me to a profound love for and fascination with consciousness and energy medicine.

Energy medicine, also known as quantum medicine,  is a profound science of possibilities we are only just beginning to explore. To me, it is a deeply welcomed bridge between a spiritual human experience and science.  It is also a necessary piece of mind-body, whole-person integration.  I choose these staple tools because in over 27 years of experience, I still find that with the right intention and application, we can experience a deeper, more alive, joyful state daily, and it stands the test of time. Moreover, it’s a true joy to witness and participate in your growth!

I have had successful outcomes with cases of stress, anxiety, PTSD,  depression, emotional trauma, sexual abuse, chemical sensitivity, eating disorders, pain management, migraines, headaches, peak performance, rashes /skin conditions, eyesight, grief and loss, relationship issues, manifesting abundance, healing animals and more.

I look forward to more success stories!

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